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Pore Cleansing Pad/ Makeup Brush Cleaner

Pore Cleansing Pad/ Makeup Brush Cleaner


This is a fantastic 2 in 1 tool. This pad contains little silicon textured probes to cleanse and exfoliate deep down into your pores. It also doubles up as a makeup brush cleaner. Can easily be stored and kept in your shower thanks to its handy little suction base.

  • As a Pore Cleansing Pad: Apply your cleanser or scrub to your face as per usual. Wet your skin and pad then massage around your skin in circular motions including your nose area.

    As a Makeup Brush Cleaner: Apply a small amount of cleanser to the pad and then under warm running water swirl the brush bristles around. Rinse brush with warm water and leave to air dry.

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