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Chemical Peels

Keturah Cosmetics supply a system of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) peels which includes unbuffered peeling gels of 20, 35, 50 and 70% which are only available for use by therapists who have been fully trained by the Keturah company. The peel contains different AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which dissolve the glue between the cells of the epidermis allowing them to shed, revealing the softer, smoother surface underneath.

An SPF of 30+ should be applied daily after having chemical peels as your skin will become more sun sensitive with the more dead skin removed. Product recommendation: Jessica Dominique Cosmetics; Sun Protection Day Cream.


These unbuffered peels are exceptionally effective and can give superior results in:

· Softening fines lines

· Diminution of course lines

· Some minimisation of pore size

· Acne and leveling of acne scarring

· Lightening of pigmentation irregularities

· Increased smoothness in skin texture and in skins natural glow and radiance.

Chemical Peels can not only be done on the face but can be preformed on other parts of the body, such as on your back, if you suffer from pimples, acne or dryness or just to smooth and even out the skins texture. It also can be done on your neck for the same reasons as your face and any other areas needed. Prices for different body areas are POA and are different to the prices for the face, which are below.

Single Peel: $85

Peel Package: $355

Package consists of 5 peels

Incorporated with Facials:

Express Facial with Peel: $115

Deluxe Facial with Peel:  $135

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