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Crystal Nail File- 5.5 inches (Fingers)

Crystal Nail File- 5.5 inches (Fingers)


Fashioned from the most quality glass available then finely and uniformly roughened using a unique manufacturing technique, Crystal Nail Files are the perfect tool for achieving glamorous nails.

Carefully crafted from a quality glass product these nail files are non-porous and won’t absorb water, dirt, grime or bacteria. This means they are always clean and ready to use. They are suitable for use on both natural and artificial nails and unlike other inferior files won’t encourage your nails to chip or split. In fact a Crystal Nail File will leave your nails smoother and healthier than ever before!

As an added bonus each file is double-sided and unbelievably has an unlimited life span! This means that unless you break or lose one they will never need replacing!

Crystal Nail Files are available in several different sizes including a large specialty file designed for toe nails.

Whether you’re shopping for a beautiful gift or looking for something a little different to treat yourself with, be sure to try a Crystal Nail File and notice the difference!

The filing surface of the glass nail file is finely and uniformly roughened through a unique manufacturing technique.

 Here are the key benefits to making the change to these Crystal Nail Files:

- They are made from crystal that is non-porous, meaning that they cannot absorb water and form an environment for a bacteria or fungus to live in.

- They are suitable for use on both natural and artificial nails.

- Regular use of the glass nail file prevents the nails to chip or split.

- Leaves your nails smoother and healthier.

- They have double sided filing surface. 
- Unlimited life span of the filing surface. (They last forever!)



  • Crystal Nail File sizes, colours, pictures and engravings available can vary depending on current stock. Files are chosen at random but you can leave a note below with which colour etc. you prefer, but no guarantees can be made.

    Please do not hesitate to contact Jessica Dominique Cosmetics to find out what nail files are currently available in stock.

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