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Pore/ Blackhead Strips

Pore/ Blackhead Strips


Squeezing your blackheads can cause damage to your skin more then anything.

To instantly unclog your pores and remove dirt, oils and blackheads using these strips is a must.

They work like a magnet by locking onto and lifting out any deep dirt in your clogged pores giving you the deepest clean. By using these strips you will have fewer clogged pores and the appearance of pores will actually diminish.

These strips are extra great as they contain the special ingredient of Charcoal which will regulate any oil production in your skin and is a natural exfoliator. This ingredient is a natural cleanser within itself and gives your skin a well needed detox.


These strips come in a pack of 3.

The shaped strips can be used on your nose, chin or even cheeks and forehead.

  • Make sure you are applying your strip to a freshly cleansed face. 
    Wet the area you are applying your strip to with a generous amount of water (but make sure not to over do it).
    Then remove the shiny plastic backing from the charcoal strip exposing the adhesive side.
    Then apply strip to your face by using your fingers to gently smooth it down. The strip should be sitting flush with no bubbles.
    Leave the strip on for around 10-15 minutes. It will start to stiffen, try not to wrinkle your nose or other skin area you have applied it too whilst still drying. 

    To remove the strip grip one end and gently peel it off. Lift it upwards and away from your skin.
    After the strip has been removed you may notice some sticky charcoal residue left behind. Simply rinse your skin using cool water; this will help close the pores back up and prevent any dirt from getting back into the pores.


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